The Sustainable Herbs Project

The Business of Herbal Medicine
Sustainability in the Supply Chain

Quality and Sustainability in the Herb Industry

Sustainability through the Supply Chain You can’t talk about the quality of herbal medicine without addressing issues of sustainability (ecological, economic, social) through the…

SHP Videos

Sustainable Herbs Project Videos

Sneak Peak of SHP Videos! We are in the final stages of launching the new Sustainable Herbs Project website (the image above is part…

local organic herbs at a farmers market

Local Organic Herbs – The Search

A recent comment on the Domestic Herbs – Survey Results post got me thinking about my own commitment to buying local organic herbs. I…

Sustainable Herbs Project Update

Website Update! Everything always takes a bit longer than I hope, BUT the website should be launching soon, within a few weeks. Most of the…

Kitchen Medicine

Herbal How-To's

Easy Tips for Harvesting Herbal Medicine

Dana L Woodruff, community herbalist, health educator, and medicine maker, generously shared her Harvesting Herbal Medicine handout for the Numen Resource Guide. As we turn…

Tips for using garlic to support immune health.

Garlic: An All-Star Winter Remedy

by Larken Bunce, MS, Clinical Herbalist & Co-Director  Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism Since garlic – whole cloves either chopped in honey or just…

digestive health

8 Easy Steps to Digestive Health

By Larken Bunce, MS, Clinical Herbalist & Co-Director Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, Montpelier, VT The health of our digestive system is central to our…


Guide to Harvesting Medicinal Plants

By Dana L Woodruff, community herbalist, health educator, and medicine maker. Dandelioness Herbals, Montpelier, VT. Harvesting medicinal plants is easy once you know the basic guidelines….

Healing with Whole Plant Medicine

Art and Science of Herbal Medicine
Grassroots Medicine Round up

Grassroots Medicine Round Up from the Numen Blog

What is Grassroots Medicine? To us, grassroots medicine means plant-based, locally grown medicine. Grassroots medicine is community-based knowledge about self-care and preventative medicine, the kind…

The Sustainable Herbs Project Vision for a Local Medicine Movement

Our Vision: A Local Medicine Movement

Here’s our vision: Households, urban and rural, with pots of medicinal herbs: Thyme, Sage, and Rosemary on their back porch. Echinacea and Garlic grow…

How to Create an Urban Herb Farm

A Step-by-step Guide to Growing and Harvesting Your Own Medicine
Compton Gardens

A Visit to an American Ginseng Sanctuary

United Plant Savers magazine recently featured an American Ginseng Sanctuary located in Compton Gardens in Bentonville, AR. Madison Woods of Wild Ozark is the…

buttercrunch lettuce

Preparing for Fall Planting Season

Preparing for Fall planting season is a productive (and fun!) way to ride out the remaining weeks of the hot, dry summer. As I…

Jasper, Alberta lake

Top 3 Benefits of Botanical Tourism

Botanical tourism is, strictly speaking, traveling for the purpose of seeing plants in their native environment. Though seeing plants is not my reason for…