Bulgarian Herb Growers and SHP Update

Following Herbs in Bulgaria

I’m excited to share another Sustainable Herbs Project video! This 4-minute clip is from our visit with Bulgarian herb growers outside Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The Bulgarian herb market is complicated and very difficult to obtain access to, especially the world of wild collection.  I have chosen to highlight these herb growers because the ability to grow medicinal herbs for the export market seems to provide them with a good, albeit difficult, way of making a living.


These men and women grow lemon balm, peppermint, marshmallow and other herbs on 1-3 acre plots for the domestic Bulgarian tea market as well as for export. They have contracts with Bioprogramme which gives them some ability to plan year to year. Bioprogramme handles the drying and processing for these growers at a facility just down the road.

Ayurvedic Herbs/Funding Update!

We are thrilled to announce that the Institute of East West Medicine has provided funding for the Sustainable Herbs Project. This money couldn’t come at a better time as we’d come to the end of the Kickstarter Funds. The grant will support our focus on sourcing Ayurvedic herbs from India and with some of these funds we will visit Banyan Botanicals and the Ayurvedic Institute next month. While in Arizona, we will also interview Mitch Coven of Vitality Works, which will be a great way to understand more about the world of contract manufacturing, an increasingly important part of the herbal supply chain.

Transplanting Tulsi at a Fair for Life Project for Pukka Herbs in Karnataka, India.

Transplanting Tulsi at a Fair for Life Project for Pukka Herbs in Karnataka, India.

Website Update

The funding from the Institute of East West Medicine has also allowed us to hire a web developer to design the Sustainable Herbs Project site which is set to launch at the end of the fall. In the meantime, I’ll continue to share shorter video clips from our travels.


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