Declaration of Dependence: In Honor of the Late Bill Mitchell, ND

Bill Mitchell calling for a declaration of dependence

In lieu of the many posts online celebrating our independence on the 4th of July, I wanted to share these wise words from our interview with the late Dr. Bill Mitchell in hopes that we all begin to live in ways that honor our place in the web of life. I am sharing his comments in full to capture the fullness of his vision. With gratitude, Bill, for all you offered us all during your time here.

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The late Bill Mitchell, ND, was a doctor, teacher, author and philosopher.

The late Bill Mitchell, ND, was a doctor, teacher, author and philosopher.

Bill Mitchell:

I think that probably in my viewpoint something that is equally important to the declaration of independence in our country is a new era. I would call it the declaration of dependence and it’s a declaration of dependence on each other, on technology and ecology, on medicine, and herbology and it’s a dependence on ourselves and mother earth herself. If we hurt her, we hurt ourselves, we’re not separate from mother earth, we’re not separate from the forces of nature, we are in our environment, we are our environment, we’re dependent on it. We need to declare it as a nation, as a people and this declaration of dependence would find us re-dedicating ourselves to a much healthier way of living with each other and with the earth and I believe that’s happening.

Curiously I believe that this declaration of dependence will largely be brought about by a commitment of the larger companies, by industry to take a role in helping the ecological movements and becoming themselves more ecologically responsible. They have great leadership, they have tremendous organizations, they have the technology and the tools and the know how to really help the earth. And so it’s not just one person hanging from the side of the ship waving a flag you know and being brave. I think it is General Motors and all of the big companies waviing that flag and saying, hey there is a better way to do this for the earth. I actually think that’s how it is going to come about.

I think the signers of the declaration of dependence are not just going to be a few ecologists who are saving trees I think it’s going to be the major players in our global powers seeing that this dependence is critical not only for our survival but for any sense of quality of living, because if we ruin the quality of life, the beauty of the earth, the sense of the wonder we have in each other, if we get sick of each other because of abuse of each other than we have no quality of life even worth saving.

This new declaration of dependence I think is right around the corner. I think it will come just as suddenly as the Berlin wall came tumbling down. I think the declaration of dependence will just come and everybody will just say, “Holy cow enough of this other way. It’s time.”

May what he says be true.


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