Energetics: The Secret to Finding the Right Herbs

Secret to Finding the Right Herb

Using Energetics

Every now and then, my friends at LearningHerbs release a free video training… and it’s always a powerful herbal education all by itself.

John usually does it as part of the warm-up for their next online herbal course, but whatever the reason, it’s always a really good idea to register for the training… because it’s just that good.

AND the price is right: it won’t cost you anything (other than your email address).

This brand new video training will help you rediscover a lost herbal skill… and the training is customized to YOUR experience using herbs.

You’ll learn:

– A proven way to learn about herbs… that requires NO memorization or book study.

– How to dramatically improve your chances for success when making a remedy.

– What “energetics” are and why are they important to your long term success as a home herbalist.

– How to take a book shelf of information and get it off the shelf and into practical use for your family.

– Plus, you’ll get a cool downloadable map to using healing herbs!

It’s powerful training… and it’s 100% free:

Sign up here:


When you sign up, you’ll also get a complete downloadable packet with your map to using healing herbs…


This is a great way to deepen your herbal education at no cost from your own home.



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