Grassroots Medicine Round Up from the Numen Blog

Grassroots Medicine Round up

What is Grassroots Medicine?

To us, grassroots medicine means plant-based, locally grown medicine. Grassroots medicine is community-based knowledge about self-care and preventative medicine, the kind of kitchen medicine that was once common knowledge but has now been lost. Grassroots medicine is based on each of us learning enough to take care of ourselves and our families whenever possible and knowing enough to turn to those with more training, allopathic or otherwise, when we can’t. Read more about our vision here.

Below is a list of some of our earlier interviews with leaders working to create a grassroots medicine movement. Check them out and let us know what is happening in your community and who you’d like to see us profile!

Grassroots Medicine Round Up:

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  • Grassroots Medicine: A Conversation with Larken Bunce: Co-founder and co-director of the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, Larken Bunce talks with Ann about the role of relationship, community and plants in building a strong local medicine movement. And Larken’s beautiful can be found throughout our website!

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Kitchen Medicine

July-October 272-24

  • Grassroots Medicine- On-line: A Conversation with John Gallagher: John Gallagher is one of the first to bring herbal medicine to the online community, bringing the opportunity to learn about using medicinal plants to heal to communities without access to herbalists and herb teachers. John has been a mentor to us as we make our way into the online world as well – this interview is a great opportunity to peak behind the scenes of his remarkable success.

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  • Herbal CSA’s: A Conversation with Lisa Rose StarnerJoin Ann for this fascinating conversation with Lisa Rose Starner to hear about her journey from working in the local food movement to using plants to nourish and heal herself, her family, and, more and more, her community.




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