Tired of the Media’s Attacks on Herbal Supplements?

Quality, Sustainability and Fairness in the Herbal Supplement Industry

Quality, Sustainability and Fairness in the Herb Industry

“[The larger discussion common in food and other industries] about how our choices impact broader environmental health is the conversation that the alternative health movement should be leading. Yet as long as the media continues to define the terms of the debate, reducing it to attacks on the very premise that plants can be used in healing, practitioners and reputable companies are forced to spend their resources proving in bluntest terms that, in fact, their products work.”

From: “Herbal Supplements Controversy Spurs ‘The Sustainable Herbs Project.‘” by Ann Armbrecht

I don’t know about you, but I’m increasingly frustrated by the black and white terms in which the media continues to frame the discussion about herbal supplements. Until and unless the conversation moves beyond whether herbal supplements work or not to consider why some work while others don’t, then the real issues about quality and sustainability and fairness in the industry are going to continue to be ignored.

I’ve written about this in this post at Mother Earth News ~ I hope you will check it out!



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