Sustainable Herbs Project Kickstarter!

Support the Sustainable Herbs Project Kickstarter Campaign!

Please support our Kickstarter campaign for the Sustainable Herbs Project!

The Sustainable Herbs Project is an interactive documentary/website to serve as an educational resource to help consumers navigate the herb industry. My vision is to inspire an informed, responsible consumer movement to support the production of high-quality herbal remedies from ethical, sustainable sources. We need your help to make this vision a reality!

My trip this past fall to visit herbal processing facilities in Hungary and Poland was incredibly eye-opening. It gave me a much clearer understanding of why responsible and sustainable sourcing and processing in this industry is so important. But, while most of us put a lot of energy into making sure our food is as clean as possible, we don’t always think about where the plants in our herbal tea, shampoo, lotion and supplements came from. With this project, I hope to change that!

As most of you likely know, Kickstarter is an all or nothing kind of thing. I need to raise $54,000 to make this project happen – which, if a lot of people give a small amount, isn’t too daunting. I hope you will take a moment to check our spiffy video (thanks to Terry Youk and Rosemary Gladstar!), the project description, and all of the fantastic awards (thanks to an incredible group of herbalists who generously donated their books, e-books, courses and more to this project!).

Please consider donating what you can. And please share this project with anyone you think might be interested. With your help we can create a sustainable herbs movement that is as pervasive and powerful as the sustainable food movement!

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