Round Up of Kitchen Medicine Posts: Herbal How-To’s

DIY medicine


We’ve compiled a list of all of the kitchen medicine handouts on the Numen Blog to help you find what you are looking for!

Dana offers a clear, brief guide for harvesting vibrant plants sustainably and respectfully.

Take a look at this comprehensive guide to emotional and physical first aid and emergency relief, based in part on Sandra’s experiences working in an emergency relief clinic in Haiti.

An excellent, to the point overview of fevers, what they are for, and what to do.

Brief, clear guide to making herbal salves, includes some great recipes to try!

DIY herbal medicineLarken discusses depression and its causes, some of her favorite plants for supporting us through depression, a recommended tea, and flower essences!

There is no better place to begin experimenting with medicinal herbs than with cooking. Sandra offers a fantastic and thorough introduction! Includes detailed descriptions of some of the most commonly used herbs.

Join Rosemary for this 30 minute video as she leads you step by step through making this lotion. It is so much easier than you might think and so luscious. Plus, what can be better than spending 1/2 hour with Rosemary!

Wondering where to begin? Start with these 7 herbs that we always make sure to have on hand!

Need we say more? Something we should all know how to do, so simple, so nourishing, and so good.

Like all of Sandra’s posts, this is an incredibly thorough discussion of how to build immunity and to be prepared when you get sick.

Wondering what to plant? Start with these ten plants to build your household’s healthcare resilience for a post oil economy.




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