Medicinal Plant Collectors for Runo

Collecting medicinal plants

Knowing Where Your Herbs Come From 

We’ll be sharing stories from the supply chain in many different ways: as 3-5 minute videos with information and narrative; essays with photos and text; and some, like this short piece, just visuals accompanied by the haunting music of Rising Appalachia singing a song learned from the Bisserov Sisters of Bulgaria. Our goal with these stories is to bring to life the lives and places behind the herbal products we consume (as bulk herbs, tea, tincture, supplements, spices, natural cosmetics and so much more). We’ll also provide concrete information about how you can support companies that are working to source high quality herbs in ways that are sustainable and fair. This will all be available on the new website to be released later this summer.

For now we wanted to share this 1 minute clip following medicinal plant collectors for Runo, a primary processing company in eastern Poland. Let us know what you think!


You can see more photographs of these collectors in this earlier post.


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