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Kitchen Medicine

Herbal How-To's

Great Handouts for Kitchen Medicine

  Just a quick post to say there are loads of great handouts on herbal medicine making in our resource guide! You’ll find information on…

Fantastic List of Herbal Blogs!

Rosalee de la Forȇt, founder of Methow Valley Herbs and herbal consultant for LearningHerbs.com and HerbMentor.com has compiled a fantastic list of the many…

The Sustainable Herbs Project

The Business of Herbal Medicine
Following medicinal plants through the supply chain, an interview with Ann Armbrecht of the Sustainable Herbs Project

Following Herbs Through the Supply Chain

To make visible what the economy has rendered invisible: Following herbs through the supply chain with Ann Armbrecht  An Interview with Anne de Courtenay…

5 reflections on the herb industry

5 Initial Thoughts on the Herb Industry

Impressions of the Herb Industry We’ve just returned after almost five weeks of visiting herb farms, primary processing centers, and finished product manufacturers of herbal…

Sustainable Herbs Project visit to Agrimed.

Photos from Agrimed in Germany

Here are some photos from our visit to Agrimed in Germany. Agrimed is a producers’ association for medicinal and spice plants in which approximately 60 farmers have…

How to Create an Urban Herb Farm

A Step-by-step Guide to Growing and Harvesting Your Own Medicine
healthy tomato leaves

Organic Pest Control, Part I

Dealing with pests is an inevitable part of every garden, even a young container garden such as mine. I got the chance to employ…

strawberry plant

3 Lessons from the Urban Herb Farm

This week I wanted to share 3 lessons I’ve learned in the 2 months since starting the container garden. Seeing this photo from my…