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Fantastic List of Herbal Blogs!

Rosalee de la Forȇt, founder of Methow Valley Herbs and herbal consultant for LearningHerbs.com and HerbMentor.com has compiled a fantastic list of the many…

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The Sustainable Herbs Project

The Business of Herbal Medicine
collecting medicinal plants

Contradictions in Herbal Medicine

Connection to the Land I went to Nepal in the late 1980s as a graduate student in anthropology to look at the impact of…

Support the Sustainable Herbs Project Kickstarter Campaign!

Sustainable Herbs Project Kickstarter!

Please support our Kickstarter campaign for the Sustainable Herbs Project! The Sustainable Herbs Project is an interactive documentary/website to serve as an educational resource to help…

Sourcing and producing essential oils

Essential Oils by Cathy Skipper

At the 2013 International Herb Symposium, I attended herbalist Cathy Skipper’s workshop on essential oils. Cathy trained and now teaches at the ‘Ecole Lyonnaise…

How to Create an Urban Herb Farm

A Step-by-step Guide to Growing and Harvesting Your Own Medicine