Preparing for Fall Planting Season

buttercrunch lettuce

Preparing for Fall planting season is a productive (and fun!) way to ride out the remaining weeks of the hot, dry summer. As I mentioned in my last post, I was inspired during a recent trip to Canada to be a better steward of the land and resources by taking advantage of a year-round growing season.

With that in mind, I’ve taken the following steps to prepare for Fall planting season:

  • Reviewing what I learned from the mistakes I made in the garden.
  • Deciding how I can make better use of my limited space.
  • Narrowing my focus to medicinal plants.
Potting shed

An organized potting shed becomes a more pleasant space with the addition of colorful artwork.

Cultivating a Calm & Pleasant Potting Space

There hasn’t been much activity in the garden lately. On the bright side, this down time has given me a chance to clean up. I scrubbed, disinfected, and stacked pots in the newly-organized potting shed. The formerly bare walls now boast lovely artwork contributed by the Pigment Posse of Old Bentonville. Thank you, ladies for making my workspace beautiful!

Focusing on Medicinal, Native & At Risk Plants

While I enjoyed the literal fruits of my labor, the edible plants I grew this Spring did not yield enough to justify the space they occupied. That may sound harsh, but space is at a premium. Also, I spent more time than I wanted to picking pests from the edibles. I would rather use the space for – and focus my attention on – the medicinal plants I’m truly passionate about. Consequently, my garden will soon consist of only medicinal plants with a focus on At Risk or native California plants.

As you can see, the Urban Herb Farm is in transition. I hope you will stay tuned and see what develops! As always, your comments are welcome in the space below.

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  • Reply August 27, 2016

    Sharon Hawkins

    I really like your potting shed! Sounds like you have learned a lot during the summer! Anxious to see what comes next!..

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