Processing Tea: Visiting Pukka Herbs

Following Medicinal Plants from Pukka Herbs through the Supply Chain

by Willow Forbes, Sustainable Herbs Project Intern

On Tuesday, August 3rd we visited Infusion (the processing facility for Pukka tea), the Pukka Herbs tea office, and the home and beautiful garden of Pukka co-founder Sebastian Pole. We were able to see the process from loading the machines with herbs to the final, ready to ship tea boxes. We spoke with a large number of people from warehouse workers to sustainability managers, each of whom told us a great deal about the role they play in the supply chain.

Below are┬ásome photos from our visit. We’ll be posting more information once we return and begin to sort through all of the footage and interview material!


A display of finished Pukka tea boxes shown at the office. Photo by Willow Forbes.


Unfolded Pukka tea boxes ready to be filled with tea bags in machines. Photo by Willow Forbes.


Pukka co-founder Sebastian Pole talking in his garden. Photo by Willow Forbes.


Ann Armbrecht interviewing Sustainability Manager Ben Heron and Operations Manager Gary Clifford at Infusion. Photo by Willow Forbes.


Infusion Operations Manager Gary Clifford showing us their warehouse. Photo by Willow Forbes.


Pukka’s “Love” tea bags being mechanically dropped into folded tea boxes. Photo by Willow Forbes.


Pukka’s “Love” tea mix being mechanically poured into tea bags. Photo by Willow Forbes.


Pukka’s “Love” herbal tea mix (an organic mix of rose, chamomile, and lavender). Photo by Willow Forbes.


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