The Sustainable Herbs Project

Following Medicinal Plants through the Supply Chain

Do you know where the herbs in your herbal tea or tinctures were grown? Do you know where they were processed and how they were handled along the way? Unlike the food industry where we are paying more attention to sourcing and the supply chain, there isn’t a lot of talk about the crucial connections between whether herbs work and where those herbs are from.

The Sustainable Herbs Project seeks to change that. The Sustainable Herbs Project is an online multi-media project dedicated to educating consumers about quality, sustainability, and equity in the botanical industry. The SHP site to be launched in spring 2017 will include a series of short web based videos (1-10 minutes) that immerse the viewer in the botanical industry supply chain. This interactive website will:

1. inform consumers and the media about quality, sustainability and social justice in the herb industry;

2. connect individuals and organizations working in different sectors of a fragmented industry; and

3. empower individuals to act on this knowledge and these connections.

The Sustainable Herbs Project is made possible with the generous support of 974 backers of our 2015 Kickstarter campaign and with a grant from the Institute of East West Medicine. If you would like to support our ongoing educational outreach, please contact Ann via the contact page. And if you would like to follow along on our progress, make sure to sign up to receive our occasional newsletter.

Thank you for your support!

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